Nicor Infrastructure Work Will Affect Some Areas

Some areas in Wheaton will be affected by Nicor Gas’s multi-year project to modernize aging natural gas infrastructure. This could include sewer line inspections, marking existing utilities, and installing new gas line infrastructure in some Wheaton neighborhoods.

The affected areas include: 

  • 502-704 and 806-836 N. Blanchard Ave.
  • 1010-1543 and 1705 E. College Ave.
  • 1704 E. Forest Ave.
  • 1048 E. Garner Ave.
  • 1203 and 1501 E. Harrison Ave.
  • 1220 E. Jefferson Ave.
  • 945-1011 N. Kingston Drive
  • 1410 E. North Path
  • 806-843 N. Pick St.
  • 403 N. President St.
  • 405-511 and 902-1021 N. Stoddard Ave.
  • 650-716 N. Summit St.

If you live in one of the affected areas, you will receive further notice from Nicor about when work will take place. The following information explains what you can expect during this process.

Sewer inspections are part of Nicor Gas’ safety practices. If your sewer service is not accessible from the street, NPL, a Nicor Gas contractor, will schedule an appointment to inspect the sewer line from inside your property. There will be no interruption to your natural gas or sewer service during the inspection. Vital information from the inspection will be marked on lawns and sidewalks with spray paint.

Nicor Gas or its contractor NPL will contact you to schedule an appointment to locate your existing natural gas line and natural gas meter. They will identify where the new meter(s) will be placed outside of your property, if applicable, and locate your existing natural gas line. Any obstruction (drywall, furniture, enclosures) must be removed before the appointment so crews can access your natural gas piping.

During this step, water, sewer, electric and cable utilities will also be located and identified with spray painted markings and colored flags. It is important that these markings always remain visible for your safety. Private utility lines, such as sprinkler systems, are your responsibility to identify and mark at the time other utilities are marked.

Nicor Gas’ contractor, NPL, will install a new natural gas main in your neighborhood and will also install a new natural gas line that connects your property to the natural gas main. Utilities may again be marked with spray paint and flags.

Nicor Gas, or its contractor NPL, will contact you to schedule an appointment to move your natural gas meter outside and reconfigure your inside piping. Your natural gas will remain off for approximately three hours. If there is more than one meter, the process may take longer. As a safety measure, Nicor will remove or seal the retired natural gas line at the point it enters your property. 

Nicor Gas will restore landscaping and paving impacted by its construction to the condition in which it was found. Temporary restoration of some areas may be necessary until permanent restoration can be completed.

All Nicor Gas employees and contractors will have Nicor Gas or AGL Resources-issued ID cards and will present them if requested. If you have questions related to this project, contact Liz Goad at 630-669-9438 or If you have questions related to landscaping and paving, call 800-730- 6114 Ext. 4. For more information, visit or call 630-388-3333.


Posted Date: 2/15/2017 11:29:37 AM