Report Coyote Sightings Using City’s Website

CoyoteIn 2010, the City adopted a policy guiding its response to the presence of coyotes in the community. The policy spells out specific actions that should be taken by the City if certain issues are occurring. The policy’s actions depend upon receiving accurate information about coyote activities from residents. The City strongly encourages you to report coyote activity through this online report form to assist the City in identifying if action needs to be taken.

Please note that if a coyote is acting in a threatening manner toward a human, you should call 9-1-1, and an officer will respond. If you do not have internet access but would like to report a coyote incident, you can call the Police Department at 630-260-2161.
Besides reporting incidents, it is important for you to understand how to discourage coyotes from becoming comfortable in your neighborhood. Coyotes can become a nuisance when they have easy access to food in residential areas, such as pet food or garbage. To discourage their presence:

  • DO feed pets indoors or promptly remove dishes when pets complete their meal outside. Store pet food indoors.
  • DO clear brush and dense weeds from around property. This deprives rodents of shelter and reduces protective cover for coyotes.
  • DO use trash barrels equipped with tight clamping devices on the lids, which will prevent spills should they be tipped over by large animals.
  • DO try to educate your friends and neighbors about the problems associated with feeding coyotes.
  • DO NOT feed or provide water for coyotes or other wildlife. This practice abnormally attracts coyotes and promotes increased numbers of rodents, birds, snakes and other creatures that can provide major portions of the coyote’s natural diet.

In addition, while pets do not comprise a large portion of a coyote’s diet, it is important to watch your pets, even in a fenced yard. Coyotes are opportunistic and will go for easy prey, such as an unattended pet.

Many wildlife experts believe that coyote "hazing" can help deter coyotes. This is the term used for actions such as making loud noises or threatening gestures toward coyotes in an attempt to change the behaviors of habituated coyotes and reestablish a healthy fear of humans. Hazing is not intended to physically harm coyotes. If you encounter a coyote, make yourself look as large as possible, and use the hazing techniques mentioned above.

For more information, see the Coyote Information section of the City's website.

Posted Date: 10/10/2012 2:28:22 PM