City Council Sets Strategic Priorities

The Wheaton City Council recently finished a process to set some overall strategic goals to guide the Council’s and City staff’s decisions and actions. Shortly after the new Council was sworn in last spring, Council members held a number of workshops to determine the overall goals that the Council believes are the City’s highest priorities. The resulting strategic priorities pertain to financial stability; quality infrastructure; efficient and effective services; and economic development. Specifically, the strategic priorities are:

  • Financial Stability:
    • Maintain a positive financial position with a long-term perspective of achieving greater reliance on local revenue sources. Ensure that operating revenues and expenditures are in balance, while continuing to invest in critical infrastructure.
  • Quality Infrastructure:
    • Maintain reliable infrastructure systems that support the high level of community expectations. Systems are delivered equitably and appropriately.
  • Efficient and Effective Services:
    • Services are delivered at a level and scope established by historical practice. Sustaining current levels is desired, and achieved through continuous operational efficiencies, and balanced against resource limitations and prioritization.
  • Economic Development:
    • Maximize taxable property value, reduce vacancies and create an inviting environment for doing business, consistent with the needs and values of the community. Development/redevelopment should be market based and limited city incentives/investments in projects meeting community objectives may be considered.

The Council also developed a number of key performance indicators, which are specific targeted outcomes that the Council seeks to achieve for each priority area.
To demonstrate its commitment toward achieving these goals, the Council passed a formal resolution at its Nov. 21, 2011 City Council meeting adopting the priorities and key performance indicators. You can read this document in its entirety on the City’s website

Posted Date: 12/7/2011 10:52:26 AM