Recycling in Wheaton

Why Recycle?

Some of the most widely known reasons supporting recycling include conserving natural resources, sustaining the environment for future generations and reducing the amount of materials that end up in landfills. However, recycling in Wheaton is also a smart financial move.

Wheaton’s garbage and recycling program was designed to encourage recycling by providing a financial incentive for you to create less waste and recycle more. The City’s new program implements both a single-stream recycling process and a “pay-as-you-throw” garbage program.


garbage newThe pay-as-you-throw garbage program only charges you for the amount of garbage you create by requiring garbage stickers for each container or bag. The less garbage you create, the fewer stickers you will need to buy. Recycling is unlimited and requires no stickers, which encourages you to recycle as much as possible at no extra cost.


Single-Stream Recycling

recycleWheaton’s new program uses single-stream recycling, a growing trend that allows all recycled materials to be mixed in one container. Each household receives a uniform 65-gallon recycling cart, and all recyclable items can be comingled within the cart. The larger cart on wheels encourages higher recycling rates by providing a convenient means to recycle.


Program Information

For more specific information about Wheaton's recycling program, see the Recycling Information section.

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