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Downtown Wheaton Strategic Plan
and Streetscape Plan – Phase 2

Start Date: Winter 2016
Completion Date:Summer 2016
Estimated Cost: $177,740
Contact: Director of Planning, James P. Kozik
Phone: 630-260-2008 Email: jkozik@wheaton.il.us 

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Following completion and adoption of the Downtown Strategic Plan and Streetscape Plan in February 2014, the City Council desired to engage the design services of a streetscape/engineering professional to assist the City with the implementing and construction of the public infrastructure elements identified in the Downtown Strategic and Streetscape Plan.

The City conducted a request for qualifications and request for proposal process and received and reviewed eight submittals for streetscape/engineering professional design services and determined that the proposal received from Design Workshop met the City’s needs for this project.

The following tasks are associated with completing this project:

  • Project kickoff and work session
  • Programming
  • Concept Design 
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Final Concepts and Presentation 
  • The complete design services agreement can be seen in the City Council Resolution below. As this project progresses, this page and the links below will be updated.

  • Downtown Design Final Concepts (pdf) - 35MB
  • Downtown Streetscape Plan Survey 
  • 3/2/16 (Video): Downtown Streetscape Plan Open House/Public Input Session 
  • Council Progress Memo 4 (pdf)
  • Council Progress Memo 3 (pdf)
  • Council Progress Memo 2 (pdf)
  • Council Progress Memo 1 (pdf)
  • Resolution R-69-15: Council resolution authorizing agreement with Design Workshop (pdf)
  • 10/26/2015 (Video): Council Selects Design Workshop 
  • 10/12/2015 (Video): Downtown Streetscape Design Team Presentations 

  • Downtown Wheaton Strategic Plan
    and Streetscape Plan – Phase 1

    Phase: Plan completed
    Completion Date: Completed; approved by City Council Feb. 2014
    Estimated Cost: $150,000
    Contact: Director of Planning, James P. Kozik 
    Phone: 630-260-2008 Email: jkozik@wheaton.il.us 

    View the final Downtown Wheaton Strategic Plan and Streetscape Plan (pdf) - 11MB

    Related Information

    One of the Wheaton City Council's goals in their 2014 Strategic Priorities was economic development in the City's downtown. A key part of that will be the development of a Downtown Wheaton Strategic Plan and a Downtown Streetscape Plan.