Al McMillen, Water Superintendent
Public Works, Water
210 Reber Street,  
Hours: M-F 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone: 630-260-2090

We Pledge to Preserve Every Drop!

Preserve-Every-Drop-logoBelow is a list of Wheaton residents who have made the Water Division's pledge to "Preserve Every Drop," a commitment to help Wheaton conserve water. You can join them by completing the pledge online.

Note: Only your name will appear on this page. If you entered your address on the pledge form (which is optional), the City will not share this information. 


We Made the "Preserve Every Drop" Pledge:


The Vought Family
Christine Peterson
Karen Raia
Ardith A. Stanley
Maureen Zmich
Mary Landreth
Michael Dzugan
Diane Niesman
Carol Kaspar
Paula Swanson
Lorraine Brand
Paul Hedlund
Doug Johnson
Kim Scholtens
Lanlan Hoo
Kathy Rambo
Peter Snezek
Laura Lorenzi
Michael Runyon
Mark Tischler
John Hosteny
Theresa Fogarty
Al Owens
Steve Rajnic
Janice Jones
Paul Burgess
Bill Fowee
Claude and Erika O'Malley
Michael J. & Kathleen B. Gresk
Barbara J. Walters
Joyce Fahs
Rosemarie Freeman
R. & S. Grenzow
Cynthia Demski
Rob Meyer
Cathy Truesdale
Cathy Coleman
R. Bridenthal
Dennis Beemer
Nancy Allured
Patricia Willis
Penni Cannova
Ron and Dee Netzel
Brett Bonnet
The Nihills
The Canadas
Carol Honeywell
Renee Anderson
Diane Bathje
Elmer Bathje
John Prendiville
John Mulrow
Gary White
Sippel Family
Glenna Czachor
Sean Keighron
Leslie Cummings
Doug Lockwood
Ann Wakeman
Michelle Rosenthal
The Sargis Family
Barbara Huszagh
Tracy Keighron
Connie Barfield
Tim Musa
Mark Tischler
Steph McGrath
Becky Pfaff
Karen Doran
Kevin Maguire
The Vought Family Cathy Truesdale
Christine Peterson Cathy Coleman
Karen Raia R. Bridenthal
Ardith A. Stanley Dennis Beemer
Maureen Zmich Nancy Allured
Mary Landreth Patricia Willis
Michael Dzugan Penni Cannova
Diane Niesman Ron and Dee Netzel
Carol Kaspar Brett Bonnet
Paula Swanson The Nihills
Lorraine Brand The Canadas
Paul Hedlund Carol Honeywell
Doug Johnson Renee Anderson
Kim Scholtens Diane Bathje
Lanlan Hoo Elmer Bathje
Kathy Rambo John Prendiville
Peter Snezek John Mulrow
Laura Lorenzi Gary White
Michael Runyon Sippel Family
Mark Tischler Glenna Czachor
John Hosteny Sean Keighron
Theresa Fogarty Leslie Cummings
Al Owens Doug Lockwood
Steve Rajnic Ann Wakeman
Janice Jones Michelle Rosenthal
Paul Burgess The Sargis Family
Bill Fowee Barbara Huszagh
Claude and Erika O'Malley Tracy Keighron
Michael J. & Kathleen B. Gresk Connie Barfield
Barbara J. Walters Tim Musa
Joyce Fahs Mark Tischler
Rosemarie Freeman Steph McGrath
R. & S. Grenzow Becky Pfaff
Cynthia Demski Karen Doran
Rob Meyer  Kevin Maguire