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Coyotes in Wheaton

coyote1Coyotes are a common wild animal in this area of Illinois. The Chicagoland area has seen a dramatic increase in the coyote population since the 1990s, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources estimates there are more than 30,000 coyotes in Illinois. Usually they reside in wooded areas; however, they enter residential neighborhoods occasionally.

As a result, the Wheaton Police Department has received a number of coyote sighting reports and several reports of small dogs being attacked in residential areas. Still, despite common misconceptions about coyotes, they are not likely to cause problems.

The information in this section is intended to educate residents about coyotes and the steps you can take to discourage them from frequenting residential areas. Please check out the other items in this section, which can be found in the menu to the left, including the videos "Coexisting with Coyotes" and "Coyotes in Suburbia." 

Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 


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