Butterfield Road Widening Project

Phase: Complete
Location: Butterfield Road (IL Rt. 56) from Naperville Road to IL Route 59 (6.2 miles)
Start Date: Spring 2011 
Completion Date: Summer 2013
Estimated Cost: $52.5 million
Responsible Agency: Illinois Department of Transportation (District 1 - Schaumburg office) 

Project Plans

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is working on plans to widen Butterfield Road through Wheaton and Warrenville from Naperville Road to Route 59. The planned improvement will include the complete reconstruction of the existing two-lane roadway to provide a four-lane divided roadway with a 30-foot grassed barrier median. Major intersections will be improved by adding turn lanes, updating traffic signals to address safety and capacity deficiencies and more. Major cross streets like Wiesbrook Road, Orchard Road and Naperville Road will also have lanes added to improve capacity at their intersections with Butterfield Road. See the proposed project plans (pdf).

Additional Improvements

Project plans also include a continuous public sidewalk along the north parkway and a noise abatement wall for the north side for Butterfield Road from east of Lakeview Drive to Cromwell Drive. The noise wall will be installed to a height of 10 feet above the pavement elevation of Butterfield Road. It will be constructed of pre-cast, stained concrete panels with an Asher block imprint on both sides. See the noise wall plans (pdf). Project restoration plans include the re-planting of numerous trees and shrubs along both north and south parkways and within the proposed barrier median. See the landscaping plans (pdf)

The drainage plan for the project will follow the existing drainage pattern, which is principally an open system following the existing high points and outfalls. Existing local storm sewer drainage will be maintained. All culverts along the project will be replaced.

Construction Stages

Plans for road construction will progress in stages in order to maintain traffic and provide a long-term stationary work zone. 

  • Stage I is to maintain two-way traffic on the existing Butterfield Road pavement and construct the two new eastbound lanes to the south.
  • Stage II is to shift the two-way traffic to the newly constructed eastbound pavement and remove the existing Butterfield Road pavement and construct the two new westbound lanes.
  • Stage III is to move the westbound traffic to the newly constructed westbound lanes and open all of the eastbound lanes to eastbound traffic.

Major intersections will be constructed in four stages; two phases during Stage I (southeast half then southwest half) and two phases during Stage II (northeast half then northwest half). Temporary traffic signals will be placed at intersections that currently have signals during all stages of construction.

IDOT has separated the total project into two sections for bidding and contract administration purposes. The divide is located just west of Wiesbrook Road, and the sections are commonly referred to as the “Warrenville Section” and the “Wheaton Section.” It is possible that the two sections may have different contractors and progress at different intervals of time.

The proposed speed limit for the completed roadway is 45 mph.

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