North Main Street Flood Control Project

Phase: Complete
Location: North Main Street between Cole Avenue and Parkway
Start Date: Spring of 2013
Completion Date: Fall of 2013
Estimated Project Cost: $2,000,000

Project Description

The City of Wheaton and the Wheaton Park District have been working together for some time to alleviate flooding at North Main Street. The section of North Main Street at the crossing of Winfield Creek just south of Cole Avenue floods during heavy rainfall, necessitating the closing of the roadway. The City plans to replace the existing roadway culverts with a bridge for Main Street over Winfield Creek and widen the creek channel surrounding Main Street. This will allow additional stormwater to flow under Main Street.

Northside Park is a large multi-recreational park facility located downstream of Main Street. Winfield Creek passes through Northside Park and forms a lagoon, which is a major aesthetic feature of the Park. The Park District has lowered the height of the barrier that maintains the pool of water in the lagoon and is ready to accept additional stormwater.

The Park District also plans more improvements to Northside Park as part of their renovation. These improvements will not increase flooding on the Park District land in Northside Park, and no impacts are expected to affect the surrounding private properties or flood plain area. The Park District’s Northside renovation plans may be viewed on the Park District’s website.

The Park District is nearing completion of their renovation project for Northside Park. The City is able to proceed with the Main Street improvements.

Questions regarding the North Main Street Flood Control project may be directed to the City’s Department of Engineering.

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