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History of Wheaton Government

1859: Wheaton Incorporates as a Village

On Feb. 24, 1859, Wheaton first incorporated and operated as an Illinois village. Under the Illinois statute for villages, the governing body was the Village Board of Trustees, with the chief executive officer known as the village president.
W. Wheaton, 1859
S. Daniels, 1860
C. Smith, 1865
S. Moffatt, 1866
F. Edwards, 1867
H. Vallette, 1868-69
S. Sedgwick, 1870-71
E. Gary, 1872-75
S. Moffatt, 1876-78
N. Gary, 1879-80
S. Sedgwick, 1881
S. Moffatt, 1882
H. Grote, 1883
H. Holt, 1884
J. Cole, 1885-86
W. Gary, 1887-89

1890: Wheaton Becomes a City

On April 24, 1890, Wheaton incorporated as a city with an elected mayor and aldermen, serving from wards.
W. Gary, 1890-92
J. Peirronnet, 1893-98
H. Grote, 1899-1900
J. Peirronnet, 1901-04
E. Reber, 1905-08
H. Schryver, 1909-12
H. Mills, 1913-14
A. Perrottet, 1915-16

1917: Wheaton Chooses Commission Form of Government

On April 17, 1917, Wheaton chose the Commission form of government with a mayor and four commissioners, each charged with a specific part of the city government’s operations. The Commission form of government lasted 44 years.
W. Gamon, 1917
W. Caldwell, 1918-22
M. Rittsford, 1923-30
W. Caldwell, 1931-38
W. Renton, 1939-42
W. Gamon, 1943-54
E. Farrar, 1955-58
R. Coonley, 1959-62

1961: Voters Choose Council-Manager Form of Government

In November 1961, the voters of Wheaton approved a change from the Commission to the Council-Manager form of government, with the first city manager appointed in July 1962.
R.T. Coonley, 1959-63
K.H. Heimke, 1963-68
M.D. Hamilton, 1969-71
R.H. Barger, 1971-83
R.J. Martin, 1983-90
G.S. Henry, 1990-92
D.L. Maxwell, 1992-93
C.J. Carr, 1993-2007
M.J. Gresk, 2007-present

City Managers
C.R. Foote, 1962-65
R.J. Eppley, 1965-71
L.H. Caro, 1971-73
W.E. Kirchhoff, 1973-80
D.B. Rose, 1980-2016
M.G. Dzugan, 2016-Present