City Hall
303 W. Wesley Street,  
Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 630-260-2000

Community Profile

community_profilePopulation Information

Population (2013 Estimates): 53,648
Percentage Male/Female: 48.8/51.2 percent
Median Age: 37.8 years
Total Households: 18,995
Median Household Income: $84,980
Owner-Occupied Housing: 73.4 percent
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing: $354,000
Percentage of Population Unemployed: 4.4 percent

Geographical Information

Land Area: 11.25 square miles
Distance to Chicago: 26 miles
Miles of Streets: 165 miles
Acres of Parks: 800 acres (Park District)
Number of Parks: 52 (Park District)
Mean Travel Time to Work: 27.3 minutes

Postal/Phone Information

Area Codes: 630, 331 (added Oct. 7, 2007)
Zip Codes: 60187 (addresses north of and including Roosevelt Road); 60189 (addresses south of Roosevelt Road)

City History

First Settled: 1837-38
Date of Incorporation: 1859
Form of Government: Council-Manager
County Seat Since: 1867

Weather Information

Average Winter Temperature: 24 degrees F
Average Summer Temperature: 75 degrees F
Average Annual Rainfall: 33 inches
Average Annual Snowfall: 32 inches

For the most current and complete census information, see the U.S. Census Bureau's FactFinder data.