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Wheaton City Council Highlights
Meeting: July 18, 2011

Liquor Control Ordinance Modified; County Fair Granted License Extension

Wheaton’s Liquor Control Ordinance states that Class F Liquor License holders can have a maximum of 12 one-day events per year that serve liquor, and only three of those days can be consecutive. The Council approved a modification to its Liquor Control Ordinance that allows for up to five consecutive days of events serving liquor, but only with the City Council’s approval for such instances. Upon approving this ordinance, the Council approved a request from the DuPage County Fair to serve liquor during its upcoming five-day event.

Council Congratulates Jane Hodgkinson Upon Retirement

07-18-11aMayor Gresk presented a proclamation to Jane Hodgkinson, who retired from her position as executive director of the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association after 30 years of service. The organization’s mission is developing individuals through recreation, and it serves thousands of children and adults with disabilities. Hodgkinson also helped individuals with special needs by serving as a founding board member of the Illinois Special Olympics and with the DuPage County Paratransit Program. The Council thanked Hodgkinson for her many years of distinguished service to the community. 

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